Water-Resistant Professional Skin Care Face and Body Brush System by ToiletTree Products Pink

Water Resistant Professional Skin Care System
ToiletTree Products' Face and Body Brush is a highly effective and affordable alternative to systems sold by skin care professionals for nearly $200. Powerful rotating brush heads allow for deep cleansing and exfoliating and the 4 included interchangeable heads allow for a total body experience.

Skin Care System Features:-Water-Resistant for use in the shower.
-System includes 4 interchangeable brush heads: 2 face brushes (1 soft for sensitive skin types and 1 medium for normal skin types), 1 large body brush, and 1 pumice sphere for tough foot skin.
-Battery operated and batteries included.
-Water-Resistant strap for convenient hanging and storage.
-Available in 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black.
-Replacement heads available

10 Skin Care Tips

10 Skin Care Tips

29800922.jpgAre you looking for the methods that can help you get glowing skin? If yes then we are going to tell you top 10 skin care tips that you can apply to enhance your appearance. Few major factors that affect the skin so much are diet, water, and dusty environment. To get the improved complexion and better skin you can follow a few tips mentioned below:


1. Sunscreen for protection: the maximum effects on skin are because of sun rays, dust and polluted surroundings. If you are frequently going out then its essential for you to get the sunscreen protection.

2. Cleanser: you can buy a cleanser which matches to your complexion. Many cosmetic firms are providing oil-free cleansers for facial. Don’t forget to check the features of cleanser as they are developed according to the skin of the person. You can find the combination of skin, dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin cleansers in the store.

3. Moisturize: once you move out your skin loses the moisture. To move freely anywhere you should apply a good quality moisturizer.

4. Stop touching blemishes: use gentle cleaning product especially on the face. Try to find the product that contains 10% of benzyl peroxide.

5. Clean the face: if you are applying makeup before going to any place then you should clean your face once you get back to your destination. Removing makeup is must before sleep.

6. Reduce the quantity of chocolate: try not to get the high calories stuffs. You should avoid eating chocolate so much.

7. Intake of water: drink as much as you can for smooth skin. Our body is full of heat and other substances so to remove or maintain inside pressure you should drink water. It helps to clear the toxins of the body.

8. Do exercise: do yoga or any exercise through which you will lose the fat and your skin will get the charm and glow.

9. Avoid salty snacks: don’t take much salt in your food and also avoid the alcoholic products.

10. Use facial mud: you will see the difference in your skin once you apply this masque.

Note: Remember you should consult the doctor first before applying any skin care technique.

Keep Your Skin Looking Young


beautiful-2315_150.jpgEveryone is bound to age at one point in time. However, a lot of people tend to deny the fact that they are stepping to another stage in life and end up doing a lot of things in effort to rejuvenate their skin. Apart from aging, there are other factors that lead to early skin deformation. In such circumstances, it will be necessary to find ways to bring back the original nature of your skin.

It is very essential to be cautious on the kind of treatment you use to rejuvenate your skin since some may end up aggravating the problem you already have. Here are things you can do to look younger:

USE ANTI-AGING CREAMS It might prove daunting to choose anti-aging creams as there are a lot of brands in the market today. It is recommended that you check on the ingredients used to manufacture different creams: consider those made from natural components. Also confirm if the cream is approved by legal health bodies so as to be assured of your safety.

STOP SMOKING Smoking has been proven by health specialists to be one of the major causes of skin disorder. Regular smoking leads to inadequate storage of moisture within the body- a condition known as dehydration. Consequently, the skin dries up leading to formation of wrinkles. Smokers must quit the practice if young skin must be achieved.

HIGH WATER CONSUMPTION Medics recommend that every adult should take at least 8 liters of water each day. It is very important to abide to this advice since water is proven to enhance skin health and development. A lot of water in your body plays a great role of fighting skin dryness.

SKIN CLEANING It is very important to have your skin cleaned thoroughly at least once in a day. This helps in unblocking the skin pores thus enhancing its proper breathing. Cleanliness will help in keeping you away from any bacterial infection which might denature the skin

Top Natural Acne Cures

Top Natural Acne Cures

attractive-19161_150.jpgAcne is a common skin problem that occurs when the dead skin cells and oil clog up the pores. Though it is completely harmless, they can make you  feel uncomfortable and self conscious of your appearance. Many people have jumped onto the bandwagon of using natural remedies for acne as the chemicals in the acne creams may do more harm than good. Here are some of the top natural acne cures.

One of the top natural acne cures is the  cucumber. With a water content of 95%, they provide good hydration for your  skin and can remove any dead skin cells. It is also fuss free and easy to use as you would only need to grind the cucumbers,  mix them with water and apply it on your face for ten to fifteen  minutes. Apple cider vinegar is another natural acne cure with its anti fungal and antibacterial  properties. You can exfoliate and soften your skin by using it as a  toner to treat acne. Try to use raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar  as this would work best for your skin.

Another effective way to clear acne is to use tea tree oil. It is an essential oil with antibacterial  qualities that can zap off your acne. Dip a cotton ball into a mixture  of tea tree oil with water and apply it to your skin accordingly. Lemon juice also can help to cure acne naturally. It has natural antibacterial and astringent properties  which can clear those acne spots. As lemon juice is acidic, it would be advisable to use once a week if you have sensitive skin. Apply the lemon onto the  affected areas of your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. Aloe vera is  another natural alternative which helps to reduce the redness and  inflammation of your acne. It would be great if you could use the natural aloe vera straight from the aloe plant.

Image Skin Care Clear Cell Salicylic Gel Cleanser 6 oz

DESCRIPTIONrnThis foaming, Salicylic based gel cleanser gently removes makeup and eliminates excess oil. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps skin smooth, soft and shine free. Ideal for oily-acne prone skin and teenagers. rnDIRECTIONSrnWet face with lukewarm water, apply a small amount of gel massaging gently to form a rich lather. Massage for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Image Skin Care Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme 2 oz

This ultra-hydrating, Vitamin C & Anti-Oxidant rich emollient formula combats the visible effects of stress, fatigue, smoking & other dehydrating environmental factors.

Image Skin Care Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum 1.7 oz

Vitamins A,C and E and anti-oxidants nourish the skin to create healthy, youthful glowing skin.rnVoted BEST Image product! Ideal for ALL skin types. rnDIRECTIONSrnLiberally apply in morning and evening to cleansed skin.

Facial Skin Care

All about Facial skin care

1143795225JAghYa.jpgWe are all born with healthy, glowing and radiant skins but as we mature we become vulnerable to agents that harm our beautiful skin. These elements are everywhere and in any form from ultra violet radiation, dust particles, detergents, bruising to dry conditions that take away the moisture in our skins. This leaves skin care as the only solution that can salvage skin that is wasting away.

Our faces are most vulnerable to the harsh elements. Fascia skin care is the only way to maintain a healthy, smooth, clean and glowing skin. Facial skin care offers a relaxing feeling and is very beneficial to our skin.

Facial skin care treatments are of different kinds and vary in usage and to whom they can work best for. Since our facial skins are unique, a certain care done to one person does not dictate same great results when tried by someone else. Many skin care products are also available. Facial skin care is however not a onetime undertaking but should be done frequently.

For an effective and excellent facial skin care treatment, it needs to sensitize on:

•  Cleansing which removes dust, grease, pollutants and oils on your skin. This helps curb skin damage. It involves use of a cleansing lotion that is soluble in water and a soft cloth for wiping your face. Doing it twice a day is recommended.
•  Toning follows. It’s however not necessary when one has had a great cleansing. Most considered when you were exposed to harsh environment. It also helps remove excess cleanser.
•  Exfoliation is very important in removal of dead skin since our since has the ability to replenish itself over time. It should however be done with caution because if done with vigor can destroy your skin.
•  Lastly you have to moisturize your skin. A good facial skin care should incorporate use of moisturizers. They prevent dryness and breakage of the skin. For fantastic results they should be applied on damp and warm skin.

To supplement the above routine for facial skin care, you should also take into consideration.
•  How you remove your makeup and not just washing it.
•  Use sunscreens lotions for protection against UV-light.
•  Test new skin care products e.g. on your arm before application to your face.
•  Consult a dermatologist on your skin type and best facial skin care products that suite you.

The Various Causes Of Acne

The Various Causes Of Acne On The Skin

file0001224060464.jpgAcne is a skin disease on human beings which is characterized by reddish skin scars and pimples. The disease mostly infects the face the upper part of the chest and the back.it mostly affects teenagers during adolescence due to the increase in testosterone that accumulates during puberty stage. The disease may also continue to adulthood and tends to disappear when a person attains the age of twenty five years. However it cannot be predicted with certainty when the scars will disappear as some people may carry the condition up to their old age of forties and above. The disease also has psychological effects as it reduces the self-esteem of individuals and to some extent depression that may make a person commit suicide. Treatment of the disease at an early time is recommended to avoid the long term effects on individuals.

Various factors are known be the causes of acne among them bacteria, hormones, allergic reactions, over reactive oil glands and dead skin cells. Acne is caused by a bacteria known as P. Acnes but it does not cause the disease4 alone it must be within the right environment that will allow it grow and cause breakouts on the skin. The infections by the bacteria cause undesirable strains on the skin that develop into adverse conditions with time. Hormonal activities especially during menstrual cycles in girls and puberty are also known to cause formation of acnes. Women tend to notice these breakouts on the skin as they happen at specific times of the month more than other people.

Sebaceous glands beneath the skin are responsible of producing oil and when they become over active they produce too much oil that cause the skin to be shiny and glossy. Acne develops when the oil mixes with dead skin cells and P. acnes bacteria. People who are allergic to some foods are prone to develop acnes when they eat those foods and such people need dietary change to treat the condition.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Anti Aging Skin Care Products

1288805922Y1HUBg.jpgThere have been a lot of advances in medicine, those advances allow people to feel and look younger than their real age. Some of those advances include plastic surgery like face lifts, Botox, is one of the newer trends that help people remove wrinkles from their face making it look smoother and makes them look younger.

For people who do not want to be put under the knife, or do not want a needle stuck in their face, there are options available to them which are anti aging skin care products. Anti aging skin care products have been around for a long time, and have been used to reverse the aging process. Some of the best anti aging skin products are:
Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex, the product has retinol which makes the skin smooth, and licorice which helps to minimize skin discoloration.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Retinal Fusion Alternative Anti Wrinkle Solution, is an alternative to retinol that mimics it’s results to improve wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin tone.

Obagi Professional C Serum, this is an antioxidant that protects complexion. It can also irritate the skin, which is why it is sold in different concentrations.

Amorepacific Future Response Age Defying Creme is a moisturizer with antioxidants that defends the skin from pollution, and leaves the skin healthier, and younger looking.

Origins Plantsciption Anti Aging Serum is an anti aging serum that supports natural turnover of the cells to restore radiance, clarity, and smoothness to make the skin softer and more resilient. The results improve with continued use of this product.

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum is a nice textured calming serum with antioxidants that keep the skin protected.
These are just a few of the best anti aging skin care products available on the market, you should try some and pick the one that works best for you